What we can learn from bamboo

The Cheeky Panda   |   9 Sept, 2020
You know, bamboo isn’t just a nutritious panda snack.

There’s a lot we can learn from this hollow herbaceous plant, things we can transfer into our daily lives and routines.

So how can you take a leaf out of bamboo’s book and strive towards a more eco-friendly existence? Let The Cheeky Panda tell you exactly how.



Bamboo can grow 3 feet every day! Imagine if you were able to grow that fast? Spiritually, not physically. That would be chaos. But you CAN grow your knowledge in that time - all it takes is 24 hours to change your mindset. Maybe even less, if you’re a massive show off.


It's Super Sturdy

Bamboo is hollow, yet it’s still super strong. You’re pretty solid, with all that muscle and bone, so you can and should be just as strong. If not stronger, especially in the battle for an eco-friendly world.



The perfect support system, which we all need, especially when things get a little tough. See: family and friends. See also: dogs and ice cream.


It's Sustainable

The most important one (Pan-DUH).

We should all strive to be a little more planet-friendly - and making small changes to support the environment is the best way to achieve that.

By taking care of ourselves, we’re in a better position to take care of our planet, too. If we all make the effort, we can be a little more like bamboo.

And with that, we can learn a lot from our good friend bamboo.