Why Swap To The Cheeky Panda Eco-Friendly Range 

The Cheeky Panda   |   13 Jun, 2020


The impact that we have on the environment has been a hot topic recently and it is clear to see why. We are experiencing climate change, melting ice caps and animal extinctions.  


Although there are things that large corporations need to be doing to tackle their big contributions to climate change, there are small everyday changes we can be making that make a big difference. Buy switching from your regular toilet paper, tissues and wipes to The Cheeky Panda, you will making a great step towards becoming more eco-friendly and environmentally conscious.  


Here is why you should switch to The Cheeky Panda today! 


Made from bamboo 

By utilising the most sustainable plant in the world, we are making a positive contribution to the environment. Did you know that bamboo grows 30 times faster than trees? This means that we are able to save hundreds of thousands of trees (120,000 to be exact!) and avoid mass deforestation.  


Good value for money  

As an ultra-sustainable luxury brand, we are affordable compared to other brands in this sector. We try to be as inclusive as possible in terms of price and donate a portion of the sales of every product to The World Land Trust.


Super soft & kind to skin 

Bamboo fibers are soft and kind to skin. Due to bamboo being naturally hypoallergenic, our products have been known to help calm redness on the skin as well as aiding skin conditions such as Eczema and Psoriasis.  


Plastic Free  

All of our products are plastic-free! By this, we mean that inside our wipes there is no plastic holding them together in the fibers, which is something that happens with some other wipes brands. We are also aiming for our tissue range to have completely plastic-free packaging by the end of 2020! We also have plastic-free products available in bulk on our website. As for our wipes, the packaging will always be 100% recyclable.  


Protecting rainforests  

Here at The Cheeky Panda, it is really important to us that we are being transparent and creating changes that are environmentally friendly. This is why we are part of The World Land Trust's carbon-balancing scheme. A portion of the sales from our products goes towards vital conservation efforts and protecting rainforests.  

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