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We have a minimum order quantity of £20 so that we can reduce the amounts of deliveries to keep our process as sustainable as we can. You can build a bundle with single items to reach the delivery quota!
The place to be! Packaging is always plastic free, Exclusive deals for account holders and our fantastic Panda Perks Rewards Programme - Earn when you shop and get free gifts when you advance tiers - only on
Choose a variety of single products to create a bundle of our Bamboo Goodness! Make sure to create a bundle of products over £20 value to order.
Buying in Bulk is more sustainable - we love that! Less deliveries, means less carbon emmisions! Plus - you're all stocked up! No rushing to the shops for loo roll - Sustainability never felt so easy!

Shipping & Delivery

You will be sent an email when your order with your tracking number on. Go to the relevant courier service and input your number to track your parcel.
Shipping is £3.49 UK wide, tracked delivery
Please allow 1-2 working days to recieve your Bamboo Goodness
Your confirmation email will contain the shipping provider. We use a variety of services to ensure you get the most efficient delivery.
We ship UK wide (including Channel Islands and Isle of Man
Each service is fully tracked, but not all are POD (Signature)
Oh no! If you have recieved the wrong goods, or the goods are damaged, please use the Live Chat in the bottom right hand corner and provide you tracking number and we'll get the issue sorted for you!

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You can see your recent orders in Your Account > My Orders
To change your password, navigate to Your Account > Account Information and select 'Change Password'
Navigate to My Account > 'Edit Address' for Shipping and Billing

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To cancel or amend the billing period of your subscription, navigate to My Account > My Subscriptions
You can subscribe to our Bulk Box items. Single items are not eligible for subscription.
You will be billed at the frequency that you choose when selecting your product. If you wish to change this frequency, navigate to My Account > My Subscriptions.

Panda Perks (Rewards)

For full information please visit Panda Perks

To refer a friend, nagviate to Your Account > My Reward Points > My Referals and input the email of the friend you wish to refer. Once they make their first purchase you will recieve £5 worth of reward points to use on your next purchase! 
Once you create an account you are automatically a Rewards Memeber (Tier 1). When you spend the value of £250, you progress to being a Giant Panda (Tier 2), and once you spend the value of £500, you progress to being a V-I-Panda (Tier 3). Upgrading tiers comes with Free Gifts and Better points perks!
You can share on Facebook via the Share button that appears at the top left of the page on every product page. If you share the product page to your Facebook you will recieve 25 points! 
Redeeming points is easy - when you Checkout, nagviate to the 'Apply Reward Points' tab - Here you can select how many pooints you wish to redeem. The value will then be taken off the total of your purchase!

Allergies and Skin Sensitivity

We use no harsh chemicals, fragrances or de-inking agents in our products. Our bamboo harvest is free from fertilisers and pesticides.
Absolutely! Our Baby Wipes consist overwhelmingly of natural products in their raw form, with water, aloe vera, coconut water, and apple extract constituting 99.9% of the formula of the product. The remaining tenth of a percent of this formulais further made up of ingredients that are both vegan and naturally-derived, despite their fancy scientific names.
People suffering with skin conditions such as eczema and sensitive skin as well as other health related issues like hay fever expressed that our products help relieve their symptoms and reduce irritation.

Our Source

Our use of bamboo means we are responsible for carbon emissions some 65% lower than woul do otherwise be the case through use of virgin tree pulp, meaning we tick our own boxes when it comes toacting in the face of climate change. Bamboo truly is a miracle material, growing 30 times faster than trees, and regenerating from its own roots after annual harvest.
The bamboo we use for our products is grown organically.
There are over 1000 different species of bamboo, with the panda’s diet consisting predominantly of just three of these – black bamboo, water bamboo, and arrow bamboo. The bamboo we use as the base of our products is a completely different species – Neosinocalamus Affinis. In fact, this species of bamboo grows in a completely different region to that of the panda, with their habitats concentrated in the forests of southwest China, many miles away from the mountainous regions from which we harvest.
Here at The Cheeky Panda we put the environment at the forefront of everything that we do. We use the most sustainable plant in the world, bamboo, to create our products. We are also carbon-balanced with the World Land Trust, as well as being vegan and cruelty free certified. 

Our Process

Our products are manufactured in SW China, where our bamboo grows!
Once the Bamboo is harvested it is moved to the Local Pulping Factory where the pulp is transformed into big paper reels. Our Factory recycles water in the process and converts steam captured into electricity.
Despite substantial progress so far, carbon reduction is still an integral part of our corporate mission. Since joining The World Land Trust (WLT) in April 2017 we have become a carbon balancing company. This means that, with every sale, The Cheeky Panda donates a portion of our revenues to the WLT’s Carbon Balanced Programme, offsetting unavoidable emissions from the production of our products by supporting the protection and restoration of carbon-rich tropical rainforest. The Cheeky Panda specifically sponsors conservation work in Khe Nuoc Trong, protecting 20,000 hectares of lowland rainforest in the Annamite mountains of Central Vietnam. With the funds provided, a team of rangers work in collaboration with local communities and authorities to patrol and monitor the forest, preventing illegal hunting practices and land clearance.
Once the Bamboo is harvested it is moved to the Local Pulping Factory where the pulp is transformed into big reels. They then go through a wetting process, get cut into sheets and then are stacked and packaged.


In terms of shipping, we only use sea freight or rail freight to transport our products from China.

Use & Disposal

Our Wipes range is 100% Biodegradable and Compostable. They should compost in around 3 weeks! And remember, never flush wipes down the loo! 
All of our products are 100% recyclable, including the plastic wipes packaging.
Please only flush the 3 P's down the toilet - Pee, Poo and (Toilet) Paper! We do not reccomend flushing any wipes down the toilet, despite ours being biodegradable.
Our Bamboo Toilet Paper is absolutely fine to put in septic tanks.


None of our products have plastic within the bamboo fibres, so are completely plastic-free!
We use no harsh chemicals, fragrances or de-inking agents in our products. Our bamboo harvest is free from fertilisers and pesticides.


In terms of our bulk products, we are cheaper than other brands! We try to keep the costs down but also don’t want to skimp on quality. We are a premium eco-friendly brand and want to make sure that we are doing what we can to make sure that we are being as sustainable as possible! A portion of our sales is donated to the World Land Trust as part of their carbon-balancing programme which supports vital conservation efforts in protecting rainforests that are home to vital eco-systems.


Our orders are delivered completely plastic-free in a cardboard box and paper tape!
Please compost or recycle our paper packaging and recycle our PET 1 plastic wipe packaging.