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Hey Cheeky.

We make Ultra Sustainable Bamboo products that are kind to you, and our planet too.

Join our Journey!

Our Mission?

To bring sustainability to the mass-market in our own fun, cheeky way.

To inspire people to ditch the mundane in favour of a product for the future.

The problem

Traditional paper production uses trees as the source. We're cutting trees down at a huge rate of 27,000+ per day causing deforestation and high levels of carbon emissions. There has to be a better way right?!

Bamboo solution

Co-founders, Julie & Chris, took a trip to Asia in 2016, where they saw the surplus of Bamboo that was being wasted and thought, why are we not using this more sustainable solution instead of trees?! The Cheeky Panda was born!

Kinder to skin

The products quickly became bestsellers on Amazon, and we saw reviews we were getting from sufferers of sensitive skin about how much kinder Bamboo was to their skin. The Cheeky Panda became a health conscious alternative as well as a sustainable alternative.

Baby Leo

Last year we gained our youngest and cutest Panda, Leo, who is now our Head of Quality Control. He also inspired the launch of our Wipes range! Chris and Julie noticed the lack of Biodegradable baby products in the market - so, they made one!

The Future is Cheeky!

Our range is expanding with more great products and we're saving more and more trees in the process. We may be growing as fast as Bamboo, but we maintain our essence as a family brand, creating sustainable alternatives for a happy planet and a happy future!

'We want Leo to grow up in an Eco-friendly world using natural products that are kind to him and the environment.'

Co-founders Julie & Chris